Medical Aesthetics

We offer a variety of beauty and refinement treatments including facials, botox, dysport, IPL, fillers, peels, eyebrow microblading, eyelash extensions, waxing, and several other skincare treatments. We also carry a full line of iS Clinical skincare products.



Cosmetic treatments that go beyond the surface to address health issues.

Many of us believe that getting fillers or face peels will increase our confidence, but did you realize that some medical aesthetic procedures might also help to address specific health concerns?

Scarring and sweating, as well as teeth grinding and acne, are all issues that can be alleviated by a professional aesthetician employing the proper techniques.

A consultation with a qualified aesthetician from Aesthetica medical spa Redondo beach will establish which therapy, or combination of treatments, is suitable for you, but IPL, cool laser, TCA peels, micro needling, and even fillers can have a dramatic effect on stretch marks and scarring. Using specific handpieces, Endymed, a non-invasive laser skin tightening treatment, can also be used to treat scars and stretch marks.