Lumenis NuEra Tight Bodysculpting



What is Lumenis NuEra Tight Bodysculpting

Lumenis NuEra Tight Bodysculpting is a non-invasive temperature controlled radio frequency treatment that works to effectively minimize cellulite and smooth skin. Unlike other body treatments, NuEra Tight can be personalized specifically for your body working to treat each of your skin layers with the right settings for your body's skin thickness, hydration, age, and laxity. This means it provides a customized result, tailored to your body and its unique characteristics.

The Beauty At The Bay clinic is proud to offer Lumenis NuEra Tight Bodysculpting treatments to our clients. Our trained technicians are dedicated to providing safe and effective treatments, giving you confidence in your appearance.

About the treatment?

• Personalized to your body
• No down time - lunchtime treatment
• Immediate and long-lasting results

Become the best version of YOU

Without the invasiveness of surgery or the harshness of chemicals, NuEra Tight's state-of-the-art technology smartly adapts to YOUR body and works with its internal mechanisms to deliver natural looking results.

How does it work?

NuEra Tight's personalized technology works to treat body areas where cellulite and loose skin occurs resulting in firmer, smoother-looking skin. NuEra Tight uses FocalRF, next generation technology, to control treatment depth so that the radio frequency waves can match your unique body needs, treating the dermis layer to stimulate collagen, or reaching deeper subcutaneous fat layer, resulting in safe and effective treatments.

What should I expect?

This non-invasive treatment delivers natural looking results that last longer and feels like a comfortable hot stone massage. After treatment it is normal to experience temporary slight swelling or redness. Some patients notice improvement after just one treatment.

Step 1

Get Smooth

Jump-start with an initial course of treatments designed to meet your goals.

Step 2

Stay Smooth

Maintain results easily with touch-ups every couple of months.

Any after care advice? 


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