ACCELERATED RECOVERY PERFORMANCE (ARP) WAVE NEURO THERAPY FOR PAIN | increase athletic performance & move freely without pain, from $125


Treatment Description :

Imagine going back to the activities you love but can't do anymore because of acute or chronic pain. No one should have to live in pain. Many pain management treatments simply mask the symptoms, never truly getting to the root of the problem. Accelerated Recovery Performance (ARP) Wave Neuro-Therapy is a revolutionary holistic form of treatment that not only allows your body to heal itself to eliminate pain, but addresses the cause of the symptoms and not just the physical symptoms. It decreases inflammation, reduces scar tissue and increases circulation to injured areas of the body. ARP Wave Therapy has helped over 500,000 people including amateur and professional athletes, who wanted to end pain, recover from injury and/or improve quality of life.

Recovery :

 ARP Wave Therapy increases blood flow and flushes out toxins for faster recovery. In addition, increased blood flow brings oxygen & nutrients to the sore muscle for faster healing.

Sports Performance :

Professional athletes use ARP Wave Therapy to build strength and increase speed and range of motion, as well as to target muscle development for specific sports.This therapy offers drug-free relief from pain and is specialized to accelerate recovery from all muscle injuries, prevent surgery, and is beneficial in post surgical rehabilitation.

Work directly with our neurotherapists each session to reset the mobility and movement patterns that have you consciously or subconsciously compensating for pain. Treatment packages available. Come in for a consultation to learn more about how ARP Wave Therapy may be right for you. 

Added bonuses- patients may experience:

  • more defined muscle tone
  • weight loss
  • overall increase in strength and physical ability  


How long will this amazing treatment take?

30-60 minutes. Recommend a minimum of 10 sessions for best results. Packages available. Call for details.


 Any aftercare advice?

Essentially what your body experiences in a treatment is similar to an intense workout (without the workout). Thus you should hydrate, eat a little extra protein, and be sure to get the proper rest. You may be sore post-treatment, just like after a workout.