Pain Relief Laser Therapy

 Pain Relief Laser Therapy


We are the premier destination and provider of soothing, non-invasive, and drug free laser therapy treatments for both sharp and constant pain from soft tissue injuries. We also help heal scarring and conditions of the nervous system. Treatments are quick and comfortable with no side effects.

Who's Using It?
Phoenix Thera-Lase lasers are used by Board Certified Medical Professionals, Professional Athletic Teams (such as the Kansas City Chiefs), Amateur Athletes and You.

How long will this amazing treatment take?
15-30 minutes

We use Lasers to...

Treatable Conditions... 

How we do it

With a plan designed specifically for you, we use the latest, FDA approved, Class IV therapeutic laser technology from Phoenix Thera-Lase to target and treat body parts associated with pain or damage. We supply the area with energy at a specific power and wavelength that the body absorbs and uses to accelerate the normal healing rate of tissue.

Treatments are 15-30 minutes with many patients feeling relief and substantial improvement in their first visit.

Difference you can feel...



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